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Mission Statment

We, the brothers of Theta Lambda Beta, vow to uphold the principles that represent this fraternity. We shall advocate the growth and respectability of each member. Our goals are to demonstrate high performance in the classroom and increased involvement in campus, community, and nation.

We strive for the values of Truth, Leadership, and Brotherhood, as well as acknowledge cultural awareness within the Asian American community. The skills we acquire will be vital for our experiences beyond the years of higher learning. Respect is among our greatest values; therefore any resolutions and judgments shall not take religion, nor race into account.

Fraternity History

In the year 2010, 11 great men sought out an opportunity to establish an everlasting brotherhood. The vision of this organization teaches the values of truth, leadership, and most of all brotherhood. They felt the need in forming an Asian-American Awareness organization as well as spread Asian-American knowledge in themselves and to the community. From this combined vision, these men came forth and created Theta Lambda Beta Fraternity Incorporated at the University of Illinois at Chicago on September 20th, 2010.