About Us

What We Represent

Our Main Pillars

~ A Representation of Our Core Values ~


We, the brothers of Theta Lambda Beta, have faith that we will stay true and honest with one another.

It is important that we remain upfront, truthful, and respectful when addressing personal matters or business within the Fraternity.


We, the brothers of Theta Lambda Beta, will always strive to be the best, and rise above the rest.

We firmly believe that, as a brother of Theta Lambda Beta, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.


We, the brothers of Theta Lambda Beta, will always work together and be there for one another in time of need.

We will always be there for a brother when needed, and will always stick together through the good and the bad. A strong brotherhood with individuals willing to do what they can to uphold our values and upkeep our goals represents the bond that we have that will never die.


What is our Philanthropy?
Our philanthropy is Lupus. Lupus is a rare auto-immune disease in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. One of our founders had lupus, and we hope to spread awareness about this disease to our community.

To learn more about Lupus: Click Here!
What are our Sub Pillars?
Our sub pillars are Community Service, Academics, and Fitness. We strive to continue to give back to the community through philanthropy and community severice events, as well as continuing to be academic scholars here at UIC.

We are also committed to spreading Asian-American Awareness and knowledge to the community, we strengthen our values and principles by giving back to the university and the community around us.
What do we do besides Community Service and Philanthropy events?
We also step and stroll. Stepping and Strolling is derived from the Divine 9 organizations, from which all other fraternal cultural orgs build upon. We also host brotherhood and alumni events.
How do we get Theta Lambda Beta to join our college campus?
You can email us @thlb.uic.president@gmail.com and our E-Board and National Board can discuss more information.
How do I join Theta Lambda Beta?
You can follow our instagram page @uicthlb to stay up to date with our recruitment events!